Hillary says her plan to create more jobs is to gather a bunch of experts together on her first day to come up with a plan. So her plan is create a plan. The Dems and media criticize Trump for not publishing plans for fixing our problems. So Trump should just say his plans are to gather experts on every problem his first day in office. A group of defense experts, a group of terrorism experts, economic experts and so on and so on. Sounds like a comprehensive plan by Hillary standards. There is one little thing that concerns me. Obama already did it. And where did that get us! He spent almost a TRILLION dollars to create the lowest job participation rate in over 40 years (when there where considerably fewer Americans alive to participate) and increase food stamp and poverty rates to record levels.

2 thoughts on “SHOVEL READY

  1. Shovel Ready? This year I have driven nearly 800 miles on I75 from Ft Lauderdale to Northern GA. Nearly all of that highway is NEW, under construction, or reconstructed in the last few years. In addition when you drive through a construction zone you hardly see any workers. Why? Because it doesn’t take many workers to build highways any more. I am sure that there is similar construction all over the country. Those projects worked for Roosevelt because they were all done with picks and shovels. We need to encourage repatriation of Corp Money, reduced Corp tax rates, and reduced regulation coupled with our much lower energy costs and make the US a haven for business. The same old story will not get America out of this mess and certainly the idiots that got us here can’t fix it.


    • I had an earlier post about Corporation taxes – which I think should be zero. Corp taxes are just passed on to consumers. Double it and the Corp will just raise the price. It’s actually just a secret way politicians tax us more, but don’t get blamed. In fact, they criticize the Corp for raising prices and they charge the Corp with price gouging the consumer. And, of course, the best part is it makes it harder for the Corp to compete overseas.


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