And I know exactly who is to blame.  It’s the American people.  I’ve written ad nauseam about how the American people have allowed liberals to lead them in turning their backs to God instead of turning to God.  There are reasons for this.  To start off liberals offer lots of freebies.  You want health care?  Liberals want to make it free.  You want to go to college?  Liberal freebie.  Need a cell phone?  Freebie.  Want to raise a bunch of kids with neither a husband nor a job?  Freebie!

Liberals are also very understanding.  Want to raise a bunch of kids with neither a husband nor a job?  Go ahead, that’s just fine.  Is an unwanted, unplanned pregnancy interfering with … well … anything in your life.  It’s just a “mass” of non-human cells.  We’ll take care of it.  And don’t worry, we’ll whisk it away so you’ll never have to see it.  We wouldn’t want you to have any feelings of guilt over a mass of non-human cells.  Want to be in a homosexual relationship and marry a same-sex partner?  Nothing could be more natural.  Want to marry three or more other people.  The more loving people the more loving the family.  Not quite yet, but we’ll get to that.  Want to marry your dog.  They say your spouse should also be your best friend so Fido is already half way there.  Not quite yet, but we’ll get to that.

Last Fall I wrote about my concerns over some unusual astronomical phenomenon.  Some people were talking about those events heralding a number of possible natural disasters.  There was discussion of asteroids, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other destructive events.  I was truly concerned because of the way the people have indeed begun to turn their backs to God.  I was so concerned that I wrote some very pointed appeals to most of the people on my contact list related to the need for Americans to turn back to God.  I guess they were a little too pointed since I received a number of very negative responses and lost a number of, what I had considered, good friends.

In my mind I was buying into the natural calamities that were being suggested at that time.  Over time none of those things occurred and I began to think the interpretation of those astronomical events was wrong.  However, as the presidential nomination process progressed I realized that devastation can befall America in other ways.  Simply extending the policies of the Obama administration certainly qualifies.  And the ultimate irony is that it will come about as a result of our very own actions – not some mysterious gravitational peculiarities in deep space.  The Obama administration’s actions are the very embodiment of turning our backs to God.  Obama’s actions have lead to a series of foreign policy failures and he is responsible for a failed economy here at home.  To be sure he’s had a lot of help from the liberal media and after 7+ years he is still getting away with blaming it on Bush.  And his approval rating is RISING!  He will be gone in less than a year, but it appears Hillary will be continuing his policies.  Actually, it seems likely she will make them worse.  I have said repeatedly that Trump might be a disaster as President, but I will hold my nose and vote for him because Hillary will ruin the country.  It’s that simple.  Hillary equals ruination.  So we will bring about our own ruination by turning away from God and voting for Hillary.  And once that has happened I cannot think of any way we could recover from it.  We will be Greece.

2 thoughts on “I ADMIT IT – I’M GOING CRAZY

  1. If you think you’re ‘going’ crazy, well I’m already ‘there’ because I see dogs swinging back-n-forth with their tails staying in place. Go kill others because God wants to kill infidels; that’s what God wants believers to do to get heaven? Cops go on trial while thugs are heroes, and rioting because court outcomes are not what was expected? Earning a living by hard work is foolish, because if you know how to do it, things are free? Sex with the same-sex is alright, because it’s pure love as nature intended if one is born that way; it needs to be glorified? Gay can not be used as a word of happiness any longer. The splendor of rainbows is soon to change as was the word ‘gay’ and I’m suppose to like that? Because I’m ‘CRAZY’…..


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