Algore has once again raised his ugly head (I mean that only in the rhetorical sense) to warn of even more dire consequences of man-made global climate warming change.  We have to yield because it’s the scientific consensus.  I have pointed out in my BLOG several instances in the past where the scientific consensus was impressive, but wrong.  Today we seem to be living in nothing less than a perfect example of how wrong it can be.

Cholesterol!  The hinges on death’s door!  Fats!  Vein stranglers!  Butter!  Are you trying to commit suicide?  You are fat because you eat fat.  Of this there was no question.  The science was in.  The science was indisputable.  Listen to the scientific consensus and run to the store and hoard some corn oil.  You must get fats out of your diet and replace them with carbs.  Throw out your butter and buy some margarine.  That was 40 years ago when, as some want now, the scientific consensus was bolstered by the full force of the U.S. Government to rid your plate of fat.  They pushed agribusiness to breed the fat out of meat so we have the tasteless hamburger we “enjoy” today.  As you all know, I’m sure, those policies have finally rid our society of the curse of obesity.  Oh, happy day.  In point of fact, those policies have hurt the population’s health more than a famine would have.

However, due to the persistence of a few “deniers” some cracks have appeared in the scientific consensus.  Turns out cholesterol is practically meaningless.  Turns out fat’s are not only your friends, but are imperative to good health.  Remember when eggs were a sure path to a heart attack?  Well, today they’re good for you.  Actually, I shouldn’t say “good” because the scientists can’t quite bring themselves to admit the full extent of their wrongness.  So eggs are OK in small quantities.  Butter is now better for you than corn oil or olive oil (take that Mediterranean diet).  Now that the deniers have broken the line of the scientific consensus we know that pork and beef are healthier than chicken.  The new “consensus” is that the important factor in fats is the ratio between so-called omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.  The lower the amount of omega-6 compared to the amount of omega-3 the better.  That makes wild caught salmon and tuna so healthy it will make your head spin.

Feel free then to make yourself a sandwich.  Butter your bread and put a thick slice of beef, pork, tuna or salmon on it and enjoy.  And while you’re munching remember this: you’re making yourself healthier – bite by bite.  With your improved health fine tune your senses to notice that you will never hear anyone on the alphabet networks admit that the “scientific consensus” about fats was WRONG!

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