The Orlando terrorist attack has forced the liberal media and politicians into contortions that would make a double jointed eel look as stiff as John “Lurch” Kerry. What’s the problem? Well, one politically protected entity – homosexuals – has been attacked by another politically protected entity – a Muslim. Oh, dear, what to do? Blame Republicans! What else?

Turns out that none of this would have happened if we had just banned all guns and all hateful Republican speech. Guns are a problem. Not people who believe as part of a religious rite that homosexuals should be shot, stabbed, burned, beheaded, thrown from tall buildings or just blown up. Then, of course, there’s all of Donald Trump’s hateful speech. On George Stepinapileofdufus’ ABC Sunday talk show, Matt Dowd (ABC’s House Conservative) said, “hateful thoughts lead to hateful words lead to hateful actions.” What motivated terrorists prior to Trump broaching the subject of radical Muslims all the way back to 1940 remains unclear. Perhaps there were radical Muslim seers who, in 1940, could foresee “the” Donald’s hateful speech. It does make you wonder why they would kill over 150 school children in Russia in 2004 because Trump was mean to them in 2015.

One of the pin-headed liberal nighttime talk show hosts said nobody should be allowed to acquire a weapon that can kill 49 people. We’re going to need a law to ban fertilizer, then. That’s what blew up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma. Better ban swords, too. From what I’ve heard a real Samurai warrior could wade through 49 unarmed partiers in a few seconds. It’s just a matter of training. Hey, while we’re at it why not ban Marijuana, Meth, Morphine and other dangerous drugs.

BTW, the ridiculously stupid TV reporters rail against “powerful assault weapons” like the AR-15 and the AK-47. These are not powerful weapons. The ammunition they fire is an intermediate size round that is much less powerful than a normal hunting rifle round. Some of the weapons described as “powerful” fire pistol rounds. Just look on Wikipedia at the rounds for the AR-15 and for the AK-47 and compare them with a 30-06 round. No 7 pound weapon could withstand the beating of a military weapon’s automatic fire with 30-06 rounds. Probably the lightest weapon that could auto fire the 30-06 was the WW2 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) of about 20 pounds. Of course, I guess I should bear in mind that liberals have never been ones to allow the facts to get in the way of their talking points.

2 thoughts on “WHERE FOR ART THOU, TRUTH?

  1. My dad had a saying and always told me that : ”The older you get, the dumber you get.” I’m now not sure if he was referring to only me, or man in general. Now that I’m 70, I’m just as dumb as I’d like to get, but tomorrow brings me more surprises. Do guns kill people, or people kill people? Did God create man, or did man create God? Does God want Muslims to kill non-Muslims, or is that a different God? Did that Muslin God really want those homosexuals in Orlando killed? Was that a Muslin man killing homosexuals because his God wanted him to do it? Or, was that an aberrant man doing an abhorrent act because, he was allowed to buy a non-banned AR-15? Have Boston pressure cookers,back-packs, and fertilizers become non-banned as well? Wow, I’m exhausted with all of these dumb questions!!! Can someone please me give answers to these dumb questions?


  2. Whoa! Some of these questions are way beyond my pay grade. But, I think basically it all can be evaluated on one issue. Is Jesus who He says He is? In my early twenties I recognized that and after a lot of thought and some study I decided it is true. All else revolves around that. Jesus accepted the authority of the Old Testament. The Old Testament says homosexual behavior is an abomination. In OT Israel that meant stoning. Our law takes that out of our hands. But the Bible says both that vengeance belongs to God and that He loves homosexuals as much as He loves anyone else. The same applies to murderers. Except our law does does put that into our hands. In the book of Acts Jesus commissioned His followers to share His message with the world. That message is that we all have a “sin” problem and Jesus’ sacrificial blood is the only fix for that sin problem. But we can only confess a sin if we acknowledge it is a sin. If we deny a sin we are calling God a liar. So everyone must answer that basic question – Is Jesus who He claims to be.


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