It is amazing just how “in the tank” the mainstream (lamestream) media is for the left.  For many years the consensus on torture was that it works.  In fact, I am given to understand that in the U.S. military their training concerning the subject of capture had long been recognition that “everyone breaks.”  The training advised strategies to accept that fact, to hold out as long as possible and then talk without giving up any more information than necessary.  Most certainly the British, Germans, Soviets and the French believed it works.  Today we seem to have a new consensus.  It is now that torture does not work.  Rather odd in light of the fact that the three individuals subjected to water boarding after 911 all gave up vital information.  On the other hand, Bush’s lawyers decreed that water boarding was not torture.  So if the left insists that it is, they are killing their own argument.  And when did this change of consensus occur?  It occurred shortly after the left discovered that George W. Bush had approved the use of water boarding.

Surprisingly, or perhaps not, one of the most vocal opponents of water boarding has been former Viet Nam POW and current U.S. Senator John McCain – a Republican.  I disagree with the Senator on the subject of water boarding and, in fact, have sent him a number of very critical missives on various statements and policies of his.  But make no mistake on one point.  John McCain is a hero.  Not just for his actions as a POW, but also his actions during a horrendous fire on board the carrier USS Forrestal (that, BTW, Democrats shamefully tried to blame on him in 2008).  That does not, however, constitute a free pass to make stupid statements.

The Senator’s position and that of the left has been if we use torture, our enemies may be emboldened to use it on American personnel.  All of this presupposes that those enemies who might be tempted to use torture on our troops need the excuse of us doing it first.  I find this thinking very odd since American soldiers were tortured by the Japanese and Germans in WW2, the North Koreans and the Chinese in Korea, and the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese in Viet Nam.  All of this was before George Bush became President.

As I write this they still do not have a final count on the number of persons killed in the terrorist attacks in Belgium.  The last count I heard was 30 dead and hundreds injured – some horrifically.  So the question you need to ask yourself is simple.  If all 30 of those people could have been saved by water boarding one of the terrorists captured in Belgium a few days prior, should they have done it?  Yes or no?

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