Toxic environment.  Have you noticed how every media outlet and talk show has latched onto that phrase?  They can’t do a report on Trump’s campaign now without multiple uses of that phrase.  In my last post I compared today’s attacks on Donald Trump for fostering a “toxic” environment leading to violence with the 1968 Democratic convention.  For the umpteenth + 1 time I am not a Trump supporter – don’t care for him.  But, given a choice between him, Hillary or Bernie I will vote for Donald.

The facts are simple.  Trump has been targeted by left-wing activists looking to make trouble.  And they have succeeded.  This has given the liberals, left-wingers, Democrats AND the media an open season on Trump.  It seems to me this concentration on Trump is an indicator that they fear Trump most.  To their everlasting shame Trump’s primary opponents have joined in on this.  They should be siding with Trump and calling out the Democrats and the media.

Trump has been accused of creating a toxic environment.  The media has a clip of a 78-year-old man striking a 32-year-old troublemaker with his forearm that they show over and over and over.  Let us consider other current events.

Last year saw the turbulent events around the deaths of Freddie Gray and Michael Brown.  Never mind that the “hands up don’t shoot” crap is a total lie.  It has become the hate filled anthem of Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton, liberal Democrats and the media.  We have seen calls for everything from the murder of cops to the classification of whole Police Departments as racist.  The media has made an art of second guessing every police action.  Every one of you has witnessed these threats, accusations and characterizations.

Have you seen the President, the Attorney General, any Democrat politician, any black leader or anyone in the media warn of the “toxic” environment being created against the police?  I have heard not a peep from any of those I just listed.  Even now they are all decrying Trump’s toxic environment, but have little interest in attacks on police.

There have been several reports of police being “ambushed” in this country since last summer.  These unprovoked attacks do not include instances wherein a police confrontation with an individual, which may have previously been resolved without violence, has been influenced by increased hatred of the police and resulted in a shoot out.  But the media is not interested in this “toxic” environment nearly as much as a 78-year-old forearm lashing out.

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