First of all I feel the need to point out for the umpteenth time that I am not a Trump supporter.  I don’t care for the man and I will not vote for him in the Maryland Primary.  But, if he gets the Republican nomination I will hold my nose and vote for him before either Sanders or Hillary.  That said I’m really ticked because right now he is getting a bump rap from the Democrats, the media and, to their shame, his Republican opponents.  Charges have been made trying to link him to Hitler’s tactics in the 1930s and now to violent demonstrations at some of his campaign events and the roughing up of a reporterette.  The first two charges are scurrilous lies.  The third is not yet clear.

Every year thousands of government employees, police officers, firemen, new citizens and military recruits raise their right hand and take an oath.  Are they Nazis?  Obviously not.  Yet, when people at a Trump rally are asked to do the same thing the Democrats, with the help of the mainstream (or lamestream) media throw around charges of Nazi intentions.  So far none of his Republican opponents have stooped to join the lying Democrats and I hope they will restrain themselves.

Now, more recently, we have the charges of inciting violence.  On this, I’m sorry to observe, the Republicans have been complicit with the lying Democrats and their media cohorts.  At a Trump rally earlier this week a 32 year old protester who was being escorted from the rally after attempting to interrupt it was struck by a 78 year old man.  Yeah, that’s right, 78.  Setting aside the question of how much damage a 78 year old can do to a 32 year old with a forearm the media has decided to make this into an anti-Trump issue.  They showed the clip of this event over and over and over ad nauseum while claiming that Trump’s comments about feeling the urge to assault protesters was driving his weak-willed supporters to violence.  Interestingly, of the thousands of supporters at that rally only one choose to do so.  Compare and contrast, as the professors used to instruct in college, what I have just discussed with an incident in 2004.  At a Howard Dean (“aaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh”) rally a supporter of Lyndon LaRouche attempted to interrupt by shouting during Dean’s speech.  The cowardly bully Al Franken grabbed the senior citizen from behind and body slammed him to the floor.  When asked about it later Franken proudly proclaimed he did it (are you ready for this) to preserve the right to free speech.  You’re familiar with the story I’m sure.  No?  You don’t remember seeing it shown repeatedly by the alphabet networks.  That’s because they buried that story as quickly as possible.

Now to the most recent flap.  Trump had a rally scheduled in Chicago and based on threats from left wing thugs up to and including Bill Ayres, Trump cancelled the meeting to avoid violence.  Chicago police officials claimed there was no danger as they had scheduled an extra 100 officers for the event.  Chicago.  I have previously pointed out that Baltimore has been controlled by the Democratic Party for 100 years.  I’m not familiar with Chicago, but I know it has been under Democratic control for many years.  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it was more than 100 years.  And the thuggishly brutal culture we see there today has evolved over many years.  Not many alive today were around during the heyday of Al Capone, but you may have read about him or seen the movie “The Untouchables.”  In those days the thugs and the Chicago government worked hand in hand.  Capone died long ago and most of the Mob’s influenced has waned.  But not the thuggish Chicago Democratic political machine.

Come forward to 1968.  The Chicago “Machine” was hosting the Democratic Party’s nominating convention.  Unanticipated was the fact that a group of left-wing radicals even more to the left and even more thuggish than the Democratic “Machine” decided to interrupt the convention to make clear their unhappiness with the Democratic candidates who they felt were not far enough to the left.  During the convention demonstrations were met by 23,000 police and National Guardsmen in violent clashes with the radicals.  In what might be called prescient events a reporter at the convention, one Dan Rather, was roughed up by event security.  Over his open microphone Rather was heard to say to the security staff, “Don’t push me” and “Take your hands off me unless you plan to arrest me.”  In addition, Senator Abe Ribicoff, in his nominating speech of George McGovern, referred to the “Gestapo tactics” of the Chicago police.  And you know what?  Donald Trump wasn’t even there.  In fact, neither was George W. Bush.  But Bill Ayres was.  Ayres is perhaps the ultimate Chicago thug – check him out at “”  In fact, Ayres’ mentor, Saul Alinsky, learned his thuggish craft quite literally from Capone associate Frank Nitti.  That was before Alinsky became Hillary’s mentor and before Obama became an acolyte of both Alinsky and Ayres.

Thus the thuggish culture of Chicago has continued to dominate and prosper.  If you have any doubt, just research the murder rate and the list of indictments for corruption in the “Windy City.”

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