Last September I expressed my concern that the United States might be facing an imminent disaster as a result of our continued falling away from giving honor to God for the way He has blessed this nation.  In my mind I imagined asteroids, earthquakes, volcanoes or terrorist attacks.  Since that warning none of those disasters or others I might have foreseen have occurred.  But now I see that there are many other ways that America can be afflicted by disasters.

We have just lost the primary voice for following the original intent of the founding fathers in writing the Constitution.  President Obama has announced his intent to nominate a candidate to replace Scalia with a liberal and we have a glint of the pressure he will apply to get a vote on his nominee.  One must worry, based on the manner in which Obama has manhandled the Republican leaders of Congress, whether he will get his way.  And despite the rosy picture President Obama has painted of our domestic situation and our world relations, his  domestic and foreign policy fiascoes have left the United States in a truly precarious position.

Tonight it has become clear that we face the very real possibility of a Presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Make no mistake; I will have no difficulty in choosing Trump over Hillary.  But that may only mean that he will be the lesser disaster of the two.  I will not vote for Trump in the primary, but if he gets the nomination I will vote for him over any Democrat in the general election.  But I worry that many of his positions may result in policies almost as disastrous as those of the current administration.  Or maybe, if he has been less than honest, even worse.

It’s not too late America.  Turn back to God before it is.

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