Well, once again ABC’s George Stepinapileofdufus has demonstrated just how biased the alphabet networks are.  This morning he interviewed both Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton.  And George’s textbook demonstration of how to help your political friends was amply displayed in the same question to each candidate.  First up was Marco.  George asked him to verbalize his ultra strict beliefs on abortion.  As Marco tried to explain why he held his particular beliefs, George interrupted him over and over challenging him to say that he opposed abortion even in the case of rape or incest.  Only after Marco complied did George allow him to make his point that the right of the fetus to life was not dependent on how the conception took place and that Hillary’s policy was abortion for any reason at any point up to the moment of delivery.

Then came his interview with Hillary and the same question.  Hillary launched into a statement that she has always taken the position that abortions should be safe and legal.  Once and once only did George halfheartedly ask her whether she supported unlimited abortion.  Then he allowed her to make an uninterrupted two or three minute speech about how terrible a decision it was for women to choose abortion – not too hard apparently since there have 55 million of them in the last 44 years.  The closest thing to an actual statement of her policy was when she said several times something along the lines of “my policy on abortion is well known.”  If her policy were as well known as she contended why would she not just say it out loud.  I would suggest that she knows that a lot of people do not know her position on abortion and would be alarmed if they did.

You know, I’ve been told that George ran Bill Clinton’s “Bimbo Eruption Unit” in the 90’s and I have to wonder how ABC can be so openly biased without their own ombudsman publicly rebuking them.  Maybe they fired him.  That’s one way to avoid an uncomfortable situation.  In chess it would be called the “Nixon gambit.”

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