I see a few people persistently visiting my Blog and find it rather strange.  Most are from countries other than the United States.  My Blog support is from WordPress which does not identify individual inquirers (or at least I haven’t figured out how to do it), but does tell me the country from which the query comes.  I have to wonder why.  Are you Americans (yes, I know everybody in this hemisphere is technically an American, but we are the victim of one of the few mistakes made by our founding fathers.  If you are from Peru you are a Peruvian.  If you are from Brazil you are a Brazilian.  But we would be United Statesians.  How goofy does that sound?  So [in the spirit of out beloved leader who never stops apologizing for the United States] please accept my apology for us referring to ourselves as “Americans.”  It was our only option.) working and/or living abroad?  Are you natives of the country from which you are inquiring looking for English reading practice?  I think the current count is 34 countries.  If any of you would care to comment to enlighten me I would appreciate it.  In any case, thanks for visiting.

2 thoughts on “I AM a CURIOUS – FELLOW

  1. Maybe they’re after your identity, or giving you a cruise vacation, or selling storm windows, or giving you the opportunity to join Amway, or CIA,or getting an ‘American’ point of view. Now for me, I’m looking as a measure of clarity to another opinion than my own. Most often it’s similar and the road not always taken by ‘American’ news media.


  2. All that is possible, Steve. But wouldn’t you be curious why someone in Brazil or Spain or Viet Nam would be reading your thoughts about various topics? Especially when most of those topics are centered on primarily American topics. I have to discount most of your suggestions simply because none of those readers has ever commented/contacted me since I stopped posting in December. It’s hard to sell stuff if you don’t make contact for 2 months. BTW, I ran into Joe Labuda at the Post Office and he said there’s talk of some sort of get together. I didn’t have time to get details at the time. You might want to contact him if you are interested.


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