I think that the blogosphere is probably the closest thing around today to a true free market.  It doesn’t cost much to get started.  If you produce a product that people like they will consume it.  And, so far at least, the gummamint has kept its stupid mitts off of it.  I expect that will change if the next President is a Democrat.  It appears that I have not produced a product that interests people.  Well, not many, anyway.  So it’s time to pull the plug and move on to other things.

I want to thank those few of you who have checked in regularly to find out what I’ve been thinking about.  It’s odd that of the several people who encouraged me to try producing a blog, I only know of one who ever “tuned in” on a regular basis.  I do truly appreciate those of you who have, but writing is not an easy process for me and I’ve put a lot of time into it.  Time that I can’t justify in light of the numbers reading those words.  It’s also kind of strange that I’ve had people from about 20 countries reading my blog.  If there’s one thing that I would wish for each of you, it would be that you would have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  My best to each of you.

2 thoughts on “PARTING WORDS

  1. Can you reconsider at least until after Christmas? We have a need for your opinions and views that during this Christmas time and coming of 2016, that instead of ‘Bitter’ becomes ‘Brighter’ as in star of that special night? Write some uplifting thoughts for us to consider,OK?


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