I was in Walmart the other day.  While walking through the store I heard two separate incidents of small children badgering their parent to buy them something.  I assume it was a toy in each case, but it might have been candy or something similar.  It reminded me of an earlier Christmas season at least 25 or 30 years ago.  That time I was in K Mart (we didn’t have Walmart yet) and witnessed a similar occurrence.  Back and forth it went for several minutes.  The child demanded that the woman, apparently his Grandmother, buy him some toy and the woman countering with a variety of reasons why she could not.  Finally, the brat yelled, “if you don’t get it for me I won’t love you anymore, Grandma!”  At that point I had to get away because I was on the verge pushing the old lady on the floor and administering a spanking that kid would remember forever.  It probably would have been his first and his last.

Liberals love to lie about what the Bible says.  “Spare the rod and spoil the child.”  You read that in the Bible, right?  Well, the Bible says no such thing.  What it does say is “Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.”  (Proverbs 13:24 NIV)  I’m sure there will be some liberals who will say there is no real difference between the two versions.  To anyone who feels that way I invite you to consider the motivation inherent in each.  The next thing a liberal will say is that spanking leads to ABUSE.  Again, a lie.  Anyone who would abuse their child doesn’t need to spank as a first step.  And any loving parent following the Biblical command will not abuse their child.

Despite the action I suggested at the end of the first paragraph I have no recollection of ever being spanked.  Ever.  Now I know I was spanked, my mother assured me of that in later life.  I suspect it happened quite often.  Like the time when I was 3 or 4 and my neighbor Corrine, who was a year or two older “borrowed by force” some of my toys and I hit her on the head with a brick, requiring several stitches.  Or the time my buddy Bo and I shot one of my sister’s dolls full of arrows.  I know of those events only because my Mom found great enjoyment in revealing them to my friends and relatives.  I do remember shooting my buddy Mikey in the butt with my BB gun, but that was a scientific experiment.  The only actual “punishment” I know of is another of my Mom’s favorite stories.  She was washing dishes and being sassed by me.  She wheeled around and slapped my face hard with a wet wash cloth.  She said when my Dad got home from work I advised him that, “your wife is trying to kill me.”  Isn’t it interesting that despite many, many spankings I remember none of them.  And I managed to grow up and become a moderately normal and fairly productive member of society.  Never been arrested.  Haven’t killed anybody – yet.

There is another really outlandish example that I cannot really go into due to possibly tender sensibilities out there, but I will describe some aspects of it.  An extremely liberal coworker tried to tell me that there was a verse in the Bible which, essentially, recommended using the services of a prostitute.  From his misquote of the verse I knew exactly what part of the Bible he was misquoting.  It had to do with a Jewish tradition requiring the brother of a man who died to take his sister-in-law as his wife, whether he wanted to or not.  He insisted he had read the whole Bible and had read this himself, but I was certain he had heard it from someone else (as is usually the case) who probably claimed he had read it himself.  When he said he didn’t have time to look it up to show me, I offered him $100 to find it and show me.  That was in the mid-seventies when a $100 dollars was real money.  Not as real as it was in the 50s or 60s, but pretty real.  I dunned him several times on this, but he never came through to collect the money.

God helps those who help themselves.”  OK, this one really steams me.  In one of my posts about Kim Davis I expressed my dismay at the seeming lack of knowledge by professional journalists on the most basic tenants of Christianity.  There are many instances in today’s news requiring reporting on issues related to Christianity.  How can any competent reporter do that without the most basic understanding of how Christianity works.  The Bible clearly teaches that NO ONE can help themselves.  If we could, Christ would not have had to become a man and die for us.  Once we had God’s list of rules in the Bible God could have said, “OK you’re on your own.”  Of course, under that regime (The Law) everybody would go to hell.  But Jesus’ sacrifice provided a way out of this dilemma since we can’t help ourselves.

My advice to you is always verify what someone says is in the Bible before you repeat it yourself – including what I just told you.


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