Let me start by saying I am not a fan of Donald Trump.  In previous posts I have been quite critical of him.  I will not vote for him in the Republican primary.  But fair is fair and what I discuss below is not fair.  It is a “cheap shot” in the extreme.  It is also typical of the alphabet networks.  Oddly, the Communist Chinese News Network CCTV is more balanced than NBC, CBS, ABC or CNN.  How crazy is that?

Last night’s NBC Evening News featured a “special” report by Tom Brokaw.  In the report Brokaw managed to associate recent comments by Donald Trump about halting Muslim entry into the U.S. with the interning of Japanese Americans at the beginning of WWII, the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews and the demagoguery of Joe McCarthy.  The first thing I’d like to point out is Brokaw’s description of the Japanese internment.  He described it as being done by the “government.”  The fact is that Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 which authorized that internment.  62% of those interned were American citizens.  He goes on to describe how unfair it was; those people losing their money, their property and their dignity.  But Tom just couldn’t bring himself to ascribe this action to FDR.  You can bet that if George W. Bush had done something similar the terms Bush and Bush administration would have been in every sentence out of Tom’s mouth.  For FDR, though, the only description he could manage was “the government.”  It also should be pointed out that Brokaw lied about Trump’s position by implying that Trump wanted to permanently end entry by any and all Muslims into the country.  Trump’s pronouncement included only a temporary cessation of non-citizen Muslim entry until an appropriate policy can be decided upon to properly screen incoming individuals for terrorist connections.  How in the world can that be compared to putting 140,000 Japanese Americans in concentration camps?  Tom also neglected to mention the fact that Obama instituted a general cessation of immigration himself earlier in his administration.

Next Brokaw compared Trump’s words to the Nazi Holocaust.  This is despicable and outrageous.  Trump is talking about a temporary period of closing our borders to Muslims (a laughable statement in light of our deplorable lack of control of our borders.)  The Nazis murdered six million Jews and millions of other “enemies of the state.”  I doubt if anyone at NBC has the integrity to tell Brokaw he needs to apologize to Trump, but someone should.

Finally, Brokaw accuses Trump of being a demagogue like Joe McCarthy.  A demagogue tells lies to gain a political advantage.  McCarthy’s “thing” was to destroy the reputations, careers and lives of individuals who may or may not have had communist affiliations.  I’d say a better example of McCarthyism would be the Clintons rather than Trump.  For all the talk of a “war” on women Brokaw never had anything to say about the way Wild Bill’s minions destroyed Paula, Kathleen et al.  Who has Trump tried to destroy?  It does appear that Brokaw is trying to destroy Trump with lies and innuendo so maybe he is a McCarthy acolyte.

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