Well, you’ve all heard the news of the shootings in California.  Naturally, as usual, POTUS and his fellow Democrats and liberals are blaming guns.  That is much preferable to blaming their own policies.  I’ve previously made my feelings quite plain, I think, in the earlier post Guns, Guns, Guns.  In this post I’d like to comment on my observations of the reported facts made so far by the media.  Those “facts” may be found wanting as we learn more, but I perceive a pattern that is disturbing.  So far they have said that the male went to Saudi Arabia, but not for a long period of time.  They’ve also said that he married a foreign national overseas.  Since they do not mention a second trip it seems likely he married this woman while in Saudi Arabia.  The police have indicated that they discovered several explosive devices in their vehicle, their home and perhaps at the shooting site.

Here is what bothers me.  I think the male began to be self radicalized, perhaps assisted by fellow Muslims and/or perhaps through the Internet.  I suspect that process lead him to contact with a truly radicalized group to which he committed himself, at some point, to a terrorist act or acts.  Knowing that our intelligence services are looking for Muslims who go overseas for extended periods for training, this group talked him into an alternative.  He would marry a women who was already trained who would return to America with him to share her knowledge.  Her terrorist training.  Since arranged marriages are not uncommon in that part of the world it would not set off any alarms.  Of course, it is possible he could have learned bomb making and terrorist tactics online, but only in the academic sense.  A trained Middle Eastern wife could bring practical experience.

This is disturbing to me because it could indicate a change in tactics by terrorist groups to evade our current intelligence procedures.


  1. We must learn how to live with ‘the tail wags the dog’ lifestyle of today. My baby-boomer mindset of marriage, sexuality, race, religion, morality, rights of criminals etc. is now reversed. The small minority of Muslims are the tail wagging their own religion for twisted beliefs. So, until a dog learns to dock it’s own tail this will continue. Now, what am I trying to say?


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