I just wanted to relate a touching moment I witnessed on TV.  My sister is a fan of a show titled Right This Moment which shows video clips from various sources.  A recent episode featured Halloween clips wherein different households left large bowls of candy on their porches under the watchful eye of security cameras, but depending on trick-or-treaters to observe the “honor system” in taking a treat.  In all the clips the honor system was thrown under the proverbial bus and the candy was mostly or wholly taken.  In the first clip an adult woman not even in costume picks up a plastic cauldron of at least 5 gallons full of candy and staggers off carrying the heavy load.  But the clip that touched my heart and brought a tear to my eye followed a dad and his two small children.  To see this man passing on his fatherly wisdom to those tykes as he taught them to steal a large quantity of candy was just so moving.  I expect these kids may be on TV again in a few years on another show called Bait Car which follows law enforcement programs that use especially equipped cars in a sting operation to catch car thieves.  And, you know, I’m sure daddy will be just so proud of his little moppets.


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