Well, I see that the cop in the South Carolina school dust up has been fired.  My first advice to you is to go to Rev. Al Sharpton’s web site and Jesse Jackson’s web site and get phone numbers for each organization.  This is important because when trouble comes and there are no cops left who will come to help you, Al and Jesse will be your only hope.  Good luck.

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but it seems to me we have entered a period when liberals are micro analyzing every action by police.  And if that action has the slightest hint of physical confrontation the police are vilified and a chorus of calls for their firing and prosecution erupt.  Even among government officials who should be supporting the police, there is an assumption that the cops are the problem.  In Baltimore’s Freddie Gray case the immediate response by city officials was to automatically condemn the cops, begin a prosecution of the cops involved and settle a lawsuit at supersonic speed.  Then when a group of troublemakers rioted and destroyed the property of innocent people, the reaction of those city officials was that the police needed more training to avoid inciting the rioters.

In Ferguson, Missouri it mattered not the slightest that Michael Brown, the “gentle giant,” had strong armed a store-owner and stolen items from the store.  It mattered not that Brown assaulted the cop and tried to take his gun before he was shot.  The crowd, the media and city officials vilified the cop.  And following the requisite rioting those city officials decided that all of the cops needed…well, I guess it could best be described as sensitivity training to better appreciate the tender sensibilities of the criminal rioters.

Ever notice that the solution to these policing problems always involves the police changing, reforming or retraining?  It never involves the citizenry modifying their attitudes or their behavior.  I can tell you what the best action to take to cure policing problems would be.  Beginning in the 7th grade, every student should be required to attend once a week an assembly and watch an episode of COPS starting with season one.  What young people – especially young black people – need to understand is demonstrated in every episode of COPS.

There are a couple of principles by which police officers must operate.  The first is that the cop must always be in control.  If he is not in control the chances that he will go to the morgue rather than home that night are greatly increased.  Another is that the cop has legal authority to require a citizen to comply with certain requests depending on the circumstances.  For instance, if you are driving and a cop pulls you over he can arrest you if you refuse to identify yourself.  Although it is not an operating principle, probably the most important thing a young person can learn about cops is that if you do exactly what you are told to do by the cop, he will treat you with respect.  On COPS I have seen felons who, when apprehended, simply comply with the officers’ directions and are treated in return with respect and even almost friendly conversation.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to just do what the officer tells you.  If you think he is in the wrong address that later with a lawyer, a civil rights organization or in court.

There was a very unfortunate case that was caught on video within the last year or so.  An officer confronted a man in, I believe, a service station.  I can’t recall all the details, but at some point the man wanted to show the cop some papers, perhaps his registration.  But he turned his back on the cop and reached into the cab of his truck in a way that the cop could not see his hands.  The cop screamed for him to stop, but he did not.  The cop shot him.  In the video the man can be heard to ask, “why did you shoot me?”  I don’t remember if the cop can be heard replying to him, but I will answer that question for you.  It was because if the man had a loaded gun on his front seat he could have spun around and shot the cop.  If the cop waited for the man to whirl around he could have been shot even if he (the cop) fired before the other man actually pulled the trigger.  Think for a minute.  Put yourself in the cop’s shoes.  You’re yelling at someone to not reach into his truck, but he does anyway.  If you wait to see what he has retrieved from the truck you may very well go to the morgue at the end of the day instead of to your home and family.

I have discussed before in earlier posts my views on the causes and cures for the high rates of murder of young black people by other black people.  That is the real problem black leaders should be addressing, but are not.  If they feel the need to address the issue of relations between blacks and cops, it should be to encourage respect and cooperation with the police.  Until the black community decides to reject sleazoids like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and listen to those authentic preachers of God’s Word, all the retraining of cops in the world will make little difference.  In fact, it may well lead to less commitment by cops to help the black community.


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