Bernie Sanders bemoans the fact (if he says it’s a fact I guess it is) that the USA has the highest level of child poverty of any major nation.  I’m not sure what he means by the word “major,” but I’ll bet anybody a box of Krispy Kreams that China has a higher rate than we do.  Liberal nitwits love to say things like, “why don’t we have a bullet train as advanced as the Chinese?”  They never say, “why don’t 80% of Americans live in squalid poverty like the Chinese?”  I wasn’t around but, I must wonder if, in 1937, liberals were saying, “why doesn’t the USA have an advanced national highway transportation system like Nazi Germany?”  To borrow from an observation from Mr. Spock, when you’re a dictator it’s easy to have a bullet train or an autobahn.

OK, so why do we have any childhood poverty.  Well, we’ve always had some childhood poverty.  Perhaps Bernie is referring to the high level of it today.  I can explain that too, Bernie.  You see, in the early 1960s the Democrats decided to have a “war” on poverty.  Here’s how they did it.  They paid young girls (mostly black) to have children out of wedlock.  The pay included free health care, food stamps, money and various allowances.  In fact, to discourage marriage, it was penalized by severe loss of benefits.  Now I hope you haven’t gotten the impression that these “welfare queens” were or are getting rich.  They do not get enough to buy a house or a car the way “jobbed” people might.  A few of them might get a house or a car through some gummamint program and you’ll be certain to see it on a news segment of “hope” on the alphabet networks.  The true goal is to give them just enough to keep them firmly attached to the Democrat teet and on the Democrat voter roll.

And so from the 60s on we began an on-going cycle of young single women having babies who became single mothers and absent fathers and so on and so on.  Creating generation after generation of dependent people living in poverty on government handouts.  Liberals have fought that war by creating thousands of government programs spending billions of dollars to “fix” the problems.  But none of those programs attack the basic problem of single parent families discouraged from marriage and discouraged from trying to get off the “dole.”  And most of those billions have gone to the people who administer those programs.  What we have here is a perfect example of the liberal war plan working even better than anticipated in a war in which both sides lose.  And, of course, no welfare program has ever failed so miserably that it could not be made perfect if we’d just throw some more billions at it.

It is a well established principle that when you pay for something you get more of it.  Well, we’ve been paying for single parent welfare families for over 50 years and now we’ve got a bumper crop.  It wasn’t so noticeable when a hundred people were supporting each person on welfare.  But that has changed to where only a few people are supporting each welfare child.  Do we have a lot of child poverty?  We sure do and you can thank liberals for it.  And they still do not want to attack the core problem.  It is well documented that children of single parent families are far more likely to both live in poverty and end up in jail.  As with so many other things in our society, we have sown the wind and are now reaping the whirlwind.

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