You’ve probably heard the story if you listen to any of the alphabet networks or even FOX and Drudge.  Kim Davis, the Clerk of Morehead County, Kentucky, has stopped issuing marriage licenses rather than issue them to homosexual couples.  In doing so she has incurred the wrath of liberals everywhere, apparently has indirectly violated a new state law and refused orders from several judges.  Her position is that she must obey God rather than men, a position she shares with the Apostles of the Bible.  Today she appeared before a judge who put her in jail until she repents and obeys the court.  He may also fine her.  It will be interesting to see if she is fined some ridiculous amount of money like the bakers who refused to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple.  If so I hope that one of the legal groups that seek to protect religious rights will take up her case as a violation of her Constitutional protection against cruel and unusual punishment.

It’s interesting that news articles describe her as an odd example of someone standing up for her Biblical beliefs.  Seems Kim has a “checkered” past.  She’s been divorced several times.  What a hypocrite!  Can it be that these reporters are so ill-informed that they do not have even the most basic understanding of how Christianity works?  Somehow, “Christians” don’t have any right to speak out against sin unless they have lived a perfect. life.  Well, I’ve got a news flash for liberals and, apparently, most news people out there; perfect people are in short supply on this side of eternity.  Jesus is the measuring stick by which we ALL will be judged.  He was perfect.  None of us are.  So we all fall short of God’s standard.  Kim has taken the only way out of this conundrum; she confessed her sinfulness to God, asked for forgiveness and asked Jesus to become her savior.  It’s one thing for liberals and reporters to not themselves be “saved,” but quite another for them to not even understand this most basic of Christian principles.  Very sad to be sure.

Back to the case at hand.  Many of the comments being made about this case seem to follow the general line of, “her religious rights do not trump (no pun intended) her responsibilities to do her job.”  The job has been redefined differently in the last year than it was for the previous 36 years of her employment.  Let me pose a question.  Suppose within the past year her job responsibilities were changed to require her to drop gas pellets into a chamber crowded with gypsies or Jews?  Should her religious objections trump man made laws.  That’s silly you say?  In the late 1930s the duly (if blasphemously) constituted government of Germany did exactly that and other very similar things.  Almost no one refused.  Outrageous, you say!  That’s just a ridiculous extreme example, you say.  Okay, I agree, but you tell me at what point between gas pellets and homosexual marriage licenses it becomes ridiculous.  Suppose the court ordered her to issue a license to Adam, Eve, Steve and Huma?  Suppose it ordered her to issue a license to Adam and Lassie?  How about Adam and Timmy?  Ridiculous?  Just you wait.

I’m retired now, but in the 40 years I worked I was never faced with the choice that Kim has been forced to deal with.  I would like to think I would have had her courage, but we never really know until we’re faced with the choice.  I have to tell you a little bit of a secret though.  In a news clip this morning one of the homosexuals seeking a license yelled at her something like, “we’re going to win today.”  Well, I peeked at the last book in the Bible and the fact is KIM WINS!

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