Well, first of all, I’m sick and tired of people taking God’s name in vain.  Therefore, I’m promoting a brand new oath – “OH, MY BAMA!”  (OMB) – because he just thinks he’s God.

Last week every news broadcast on the alphabet networks trumpeted a global climate warming change announcement by the Gummamint.  NOAA and NASA both proclaimed that July, 2015 was the hottest July since instrumented temperatures have been recorded.  Of course, as I have pointed out many times, NOAA’s own (pre-instrumented readings) measurements indicate that temperatures have been rising for 20,000 years and have had periods significantly warmer in just the last 2000 years (see the chart in my earlier posts). But never mind that now…

Here’s the problem.  NOAA says the hottest July on record (based on instrumented readings) was in 1998 and this July was 8/100ths of a degree warmer.  NASA says the hottest previous July was in 2011 and this July exceeded it by 2/100ths of a degree.  Aside from the fact that these two gummamint agencies can’t even agree on which July was hotter prior to this one there is a larger issue or may I say there are inconvenient facts.  Are you listening Algore?  NOAA’s margin of error is 14/100ths of a degree and NASA’s is 10/100ths of a degree.  That means that NOAA is hanging its hat on an increase that is only about half of its margin of error and NASA is doing the same based on an increase that is only 20% of the margin of error.  Anyone out there want to give me that lecture on scientific integrity and purity of motives.

Based on the gummamint numbers I’d say that there is about 1 chance in 2 that they are correct (plus or minus 23).

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