Turns out that President Obama’s agreement with the Iranians allows the Iranians and not the IAEA to inspect one of Iran’s most sensitive sites. That’s right, international inspectors will not be allowed to visit one of Iran’s most suspicious locations.  This is also known as the “honor system.”  This comes out after it was revealed that under the terms of the agreement, even if the agreement is rejected by the Senate, vetoed and the veto sustained – the frozen Iranian accounts will still be released to Iran.

In 1938 Churchill predicted that Britain, choosing between shame and war, would choose shame and get war.  Thanks to President Obama and Secretary Kerry, America has chosen shame and will get, in five to ten years, nuclear catastrophe and war.

If all that were not enough, it appears that North Korea perceives the Iran agreement to be an indicator that the President does not have the will to resist an invasion of the South.  They have been making threats to attack the South recently.  What will POTUS do if the North invades?   BTW, bear in mind that North Korea already has nukes – thanks to President Clinton.

I hear that President “Wheeler Dealer” Obama got a great deal replacing all the Persian rugs in the White House.  As an aside the White House has announced that the national debt increased by 43 billion dollars last Tuesday.

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