Sad to say it appears the big news today is the Tom Brady flap.  Apparently, Tom has decided to go with the “Hillary Defense.”  I guess this means that Tom owes a debt to Hillary for providing the new standard for denial.  Announce that you have provided all relative information!  Destroy the hardware containing the evidence!  Defy the “controlling legal authority” to prove otherwise!  Poor Nixon.  If only Hillary had been on his side.  Oh, sure, I know this is really lightweight stuff.  But the networks seem quite committed to keeping this issue alive.  I’m sure it’s not because they don’t want to cover the scandalous state of the union that has resulted from President Obama’s actions.

Actually, as with my earlier post concerning Trump and McCain, I don’t have a dog in this fight.  I think it’s safe to say I was a rabid fan of the Baltimore Colts in my youth.  If fact, I actually became physically sick as a result of some of their losses.  My sister can confirm this.  I used to use the phrase “I’ll never forget.”  Now I use the phrase “Short of dementia or Alzheimer’s, I’ll never forget.”  Specifying that caveat, I recall a Colts game against (I think) Detroit.  I believe Earl Morrall may have been their quarterback at the time.  The Colts were trailing with little time left.  With 24 seconds to go Unitas threw a pass to Lenny Moore for a touchdown to take the lead.  The Colts kicked off and Detroit took control with only a few seconds left.  The Colts’ defensive backs were looking for several quick short passes to the sidelines to stop the clock to work their way down the field.  Detroit sent the tight-end straight down the field.  He was totally uncovered and caught a pass to win the game.  Shortly, I was erupting from both ends.

Then a few years later came Bullet Bob Ersay.  I was fortunate that he did not come when I was a teen.  Had he I probably would have slashed my wrists or jumped off a tall building.  But when Bullet Bob took my Colts to Indianapolis, he took my interest in football and sports in general with him.  He broke me of any interest in following sports.  Today, if I’m surfing the TV channels and come across an Oriole game I often feel an ancient and instinctual need to stop to watch.  After an inning or two I lose all interest.  Occasionally I’ll stop on a golf tournament.  The attraction, though, is more the pastoral scenery than the actual game.

When it comes right down to it, though, I guess I owe a debt to Bullet Bob.  He has freed up for me so much time for other pursuits.  It allowed me much more time for my Church, though age has slowed me down quite a bit in the area of physical activity.  (Helping to build one Church should be enough for anybody.)  I became an avid reader.  I became a flight and airplane buff and from that I became a WW2 buff.  It also led me to read enough to become a (not at all bitter) clinger to my Bible, my Constitution and, yes, my gun rights and a climate denier.

EXPERIMENT – Write down some of the comments made by the NFL this morning about Brady’s destruction of his cell phone.  Replace all occurrences of “Tom Brady” with “Hillary Clinton” and replace all occurrences of “cell phone” with “email server.”  Now wonder why the press has given such different coverage to these two individuals.

2 thoughts on “THE BIG NEWS TODAY?

  1. Maybe Tom’s were under inflated, but there’s no doubt about Hillary’s…. they are way OVER inflated! That’s scary ….


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