In the news…

George Stephanopoulos interviewed Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards Sunday morning about the surreptitiously filmed meetings between members of her staff and an anti-abortion group.  Well, “interview” might be a bit optimistic.  You might be more accurate to describe it as her delivering an interactive speech.  She could hardly express sufficiently just how indignant she was at the deceptive tactics used by the anti-abortion group.  In case you don’t understand exactly what she meant, I will translate for you.  “They tricked my staff into telling the truth.”

She was also quite adamant in pointing out that her staff did not admit to selling baby parts to researchers for money.  At this point George seemed to have been struck by a serious lapse of journalistic curiosity.  Had I been there, despite not being a professional journalist possessing journalistic curiosity, I think I might have asked just how much those researchers “donated” to the “non-profit” Planned Parenthood.

On Meet the Press this morning Commie/Pinko Bernie Sanders brought up the case of Sandra Bland earlier this week.  He said, “Bland was ‘yanked’ from her car and thrown to the ground.”  Maybe I missed something, but I saw the officer’s dash cam images and it appeared to me that after several threats from the officer, she exited the car under her own power and walked around the rear of her car and out of the field of view to the right.  Maybe my vision is less creative that Bernie’s.

Bernie was also very anxious to make his populist point we MUST increase the minimum wage to fifteen dollars per hour.  I must agree with the late Milton Freeman on this point.  WHAT A BUNCH OF CHEAPSKATES! Why not make the minimum wage $100 per hour.  That way we can all be rich.  I mean…you wouldn’t mind paying $50 for a cheeseburger…would you?

President Obama says he has a boat load of money he wants to give to the people of Africa.  Wait for the other shoe to drop.  They can have the money if they’ll just give up their quaint antiquated notion that God says homosexuality is an abomination.

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