In the sidebar I predict that Iran will build and use a nuclear weapon in five to ten years.  President Obama campaigned saying that a nuclear Iran was not acceptable.  Now he has decided it’s better to manage Iran’s acquisition of a nuke rather than prevent it.  When challenged about this his response is “well, what’s your plan?  War is your only option.”  That is actually a total lie.  Many Iran experts maintain that the sanctions were working and they could have been tightened.  But what about war?  It has been wisely observed that there are things worse than war.  In 1938 Winston Churchill observed that Britain was facing a choice between shame and war.  He predicted she would choose shame and would then get war anyway under worse terms than if she had chosen war in the first place.  He was right.  All serious scholars maintain that had the French and British stood up to Hitler earlier, he would have backed down.  So they chose shame and we got 60 million dead.

So now POTUS has a deal with the Iranians and Congress is going to examine and vote on it.  But the Democrats earlier stacked the deck to make it almost impossible for Congress to kill the agreement.  In addition, we now know that Obama has several side agreements with Iran that he will not submit to Congress – will not even let them know their content.  Of course, if Obama says we can trust that these agreements are just fine, we know it’s okay, right?  If you like your doctor you can keep him.  There is a report that one of those side agreements includes American protection of Iran from military attack.  I guess that means if Israel decides it cannot trust Obama’s solution and attacks Iran’s nuclear facilities, then we will attack the only democracy in the middle east and our long time ally – Israel.  And what about rumors that Saudi Arabia might cooperate with Israel in such an attack?  Will we attack them also?  Oh, well, maybe we’ll just punish both of them economically.  If the Iranians approve.

Okay, let’s assume for argument’s sake that Obama gets what he wants.  The Iranians will suddenly get hundred’s of billions of dollars very shortly and will be able to start pumping oil in great quantities for great profits.  Let me pose a question for you.  Would large amounts of money make it easier to hide a project?  You bet.  If you listen to what’s going on now all sorts of liberal apologists are coming out of the woodwork to justify this agreement.  Their contortion of logic knows, literally, no bounds.  “They don’t really want a bomb.  They just want respect.”  “They can get what they want now without building a bomb.”  “This agreement will delay them for 10 years and by then they will have new, more moderate leadership.”  They’ve also begun already to lay a foundation to blame a future nuclear catastrophe on George Bush.  Yesterday on Charlie Rose, so-called “journalist” Tom Friedman said our current difficulties started with Bush because he took military action “off the table.”  I’d really like to know his logic on this.  By invading Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush pretty much demonstrated that he was willing to use military action – that’s Democrats’ constant complaint.  Friedman also pointed out that Iran had about a hundred centrifuges when Bush took office and 9,000 when he left.  He conveniently forgot to mention that in Obama’s six years Iran now has 19,000.  And everybody knows Obama NEVER had military action on the table.

And the biggest problem with our leaders is this: they think Iran’s leaders are just as insincere as they (our leaders) are.  When Iran’s Imams say death to America or death to Israel our politicians assume they don’t really believe what they are saying.  Our politicians assume that Iran’s leaders are just doing what they do – lie for public consumption.  They are wrong.  The Ayatollah and the Imams are “true believers.”  They believe that the 12th Imam – the Mahdi – is waiting at the bottom of the Jamkaran well in Qom, Iran.  And he is just waiting for the level of chaos and war to reach a certain point.  When it does he will come out of the well and take over the world for Islam.  Think that’s silly?  Doesn’t matter – they believe it very seriously.  And they believe that if they can use a nuke to speed up that event it doesn’t matter what happens.  Even if every person in Iran is turned into a crispy critter – it does not matter – if it will bring the Mahdi out of that well.

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