Now that I have finally posted the third and final part of my first piece on Global Climate Warming Change, I’d like to make a few points regarding other current events.

* McCain / Trump

I don’t have a dog in this fight.  I’m not particularly fond of either man.  In fact, I have written several very critical emails to the Senator regarding his political actions.  But I think the record should be set straight.  The media has often discussed details of the Senator’s “vacation” at the Hanoi Hilton.

Not long before his visit to the Hilton, on July 29, 1967, McCain sat in his A-4 Skyhawk on aft port section of the flight deck of the USS Forrestal preparing to fly a mission.  On the opposite side a line of F-4 Phantom jets were also preparing for takeoff.  A confluence of short-cutted procedures and faulty devices caused the accidental firing of a Zuni missile from an F-4.  It crossed the deck, passed clean through the full 400 gallon fusilage fuel tank of McCain’s plane and landed in the ocean well beyond.  Its exhaust ignited the fuel as it dumped onto the flight deck.  Within seconds his plane was engulfed in flames which began spreading to the other A-4s lined up along the deck edge.  McCain managed to exit the cockpit and jump from the nose of his plane.  He rolled out of the flames with his flight suit aflame.  He patted out the flames with only minor burns.

As he stood looking at the fire and trying to collect his thoughts a minute and a half after the Zuni fired one of the 1000 pound iron bombs from his plane “cooked off” instantly killing many men and blowing him off his feet and filling his chest and thighs with shrapnel.  Uncertain what to do he headed for the pilot’s ready room when he saw some sailors trying to dump bombs over the side.  There was no easy way to do that.  They had to be picked up and thrown over the edge of the elevator.  McCain joined in helping carry the bombs and putting them over the side.  Later, he went to the sick bay for treatment.  But when he saw the chaos and dreadful injuries he had second thoughts and went, instead, to the ready room.

Is McCain a hero?  Not in the fashion of the cartoon characters played by Schwarzenegger or Stallone, but he is a real, true American hero.  BTW, there were thousands of other heroes on Forrestal that day and many of them died.

You know, though, this provides an interesting sidelight.  Name calling.  The Democrats are up in arms about Trump’s lack of respect for McCain.  I didn’t know they cared so much.  The mainstream media also seems to be extremely interested.  When Al Gore proclaimed that George Bush betrayed his country the Democrats and the media seemed amazingly uninterested.  The same was true when Hillary politely called Gen. Pertraeus a liar.  A few months later she gave him a big hug and a kiss when she deplaned in Iraq as Secretary of State.  And John Kerry.  Kerry disparaged American soldiers in Viet Nam and Iraq without a shred of evidence in either case.  Not a peep from the Dems or the media.

Trump.  Trump would not qualify as one of my favorite people.  He seems to me a conceited loudmouth.  That may be unpleasant, but it’s not illegal.  I’ve never watched any of his shows.  I don’t like the way he announces that people are fired in the commercials for his shows.

But Trump has talked about something that’s very important and that no one else wants to address.  Illegal aliens are a major problem that the President of the United States has purposely done all in his power to make worse.  The obvious goal of the Democrats is to flood the country with illegals, legalize them and convince them that they have the Democratic party to thank for this.  We are fortunate that somebody has the guts to talk about it.  The Dems AND the media have tried to cast this as opposition to immigration.  It is not and that is an outright lie.  So we do need to thank “the Donald” for this.

* An after thought on the Iran deal

I would really appreciate it if some enterprising reporter would ask the President or one of those Democrats supporting the Iran deal the following two questions –

1 – If Iran detonates a nuke that kills a hundred thousand Israelis or a million Americans in the next ten years, will you accept responsibility or will you blame George W. Bush?

2 – What response will you recommend to the sitting President?

* What a dark, dark world liberals live in

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley was booed at a liberal political conference a few days ago for saying that “all lives matter.”  He has since retreated to the safer and more politically correct “black lives matter.”

* Announcement from the Office of the Mayor, Stephenie Rawlings Blake

“Mayor Rawlings Blake is extremely happy to announce that Baltimore City will begin a week-long celebration of tolerance and diversity.  Teams of youths from the ‘Young Democrats Club’ will search through each city library daily and remove from its shelves all materials that honor or glorify any aspect of the Confederacy.  Each evening the collected materials will be transported to the Inner Harbor where literally dozens of celebrants will burn the offensive materials in a grand ‘Bonfire of Tolerance and Diversity’ which will light up the sky with love, joy and peace.”

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