Has everybody gone nuts.  This is so stupid and idiotic it just boggles the mind.  OK, Thomas Jefferson had slaves.  I’ve got a news flash for all the black folks out there who want to get rid of the Jefferson Memorial and all the liberal white nitwits across our great nation.  Blacks owned black and white slaves in Africa long before a white man ever purchased one.  Yes, blacks owned blacks.  And one of the cruelest slave owners in the antebellum south was a black man. In fact, today – this very moment  – there are black slaves in Africa owned by other blacks.

Slave ownership existed before written history.  Throughout history it has been an institution.  It was an accepted part of life.  American Indians enslaved other Indians.  All over Europe people from tribes to nation states owned slaves.  Slavery was also a part of life in Asia.

The Jews were slaves in Egypt for 400 years.  If you think slaves in America had a very difficult time just read about the treatment of the Jews in Egypt.  With that terrible experience in their history Jesus never spoke out against slavery, which existed in Israel in His time.  I know liberals would like to see Jesus edited out of the Bible, but I wonder how many black citizens would like to see that?  The apostle Paul advised slaves that if they had an opportunity to be free to take it, but if not to just accept it.  That sounds like sufficient grounds for kicking Paul out of the Bible.  Since many of the Patriarchs had slaves, perhaps the politically correct thing to do would be to just get rid of the Bible.  I know liberals would just love that.  How do you black folks feel about that?

As I said slavery had become an institution – an accepted fact of life.  No, that did not make slavery any less obscene.  It just made it one of the facts of life.  In 1787 a group of Quakers and evangelical Christians formally came together to fight against slavery.  It took 20 years to get the slave trade outlawed in the British Empire (1807) by William Wilberforce (part of that group).  It then took until 1833 (after Jefferson’s death) to have slavery abolished in the British Empire.  My understanding is that the founding fathers considered addressing slavery in the Constitution, but realized that the southern colonies would never have accepted statehood membership if they did.  If the southern colonies had formed their own country, there would have been no Civil War and they would still have slavery today.  Think about that.

One last thought.  If somebody hates you because of the color of your skin, do you think he will hate you less when you take away his flag. I’m pretty sure that, if anything, he will hate you more.  Slavery was ended by people who had the love of Christ in their hearts; it was not ended by hate.  As I sit here writing this Sean Hannity is playing a clip of some guy named Malik Chabaz (sic) and “minister” Farrakahn (sic) espousing hatred and murder.  Nothing positive will result from that.  NOTHING.

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