Bill Cosby and His Future

My name is Sam.  I’m an unremarkable person.  I was raised near Baltimore, Maryland, close to the Chesapeake Bay.  Being generous to myself I would say I did moderately well academically.  I spent 10 years in various jobs – mostly doing manual labor – while getting through college.  I then worked for a government agency in Information Technology for 30 years before retiring.  I am one of those born-again, Bible clinging Christians so hated by liberals.  A coworker once described me as being a little to the right of Genghis Khan (or Jengus Khan as John Kerry prefers).  I took it as a compliment.  I’ll leave it to you to decide yourself.  I will certainly confess to being conservative.  Oh, yeah.  All of these facts about me have contributed to my view of the world, the sad state I see it in now and the reasons I feel compelled to write about these issues in this blog.  When I first “typed” the previous sentence, I used the word “talk” rather than “write.” I think this was because I perceive this as though we are having a personal interaction.  So, if I use the word “talk” in the future, please accept it in that sense. If this blog of mine does well enough to survive in the blogosphere I would like to discuss my views and yours.  I’m brand new at this so I’ll be kind of feeling my way until I get the hang of it.  I hope that you’ll be patient with me.  I cannot guarantee a new commentary every day, but I will endeavor to have new material as often as possible.

Ground rules.  I say what I want to say.  You say what you want to say.  However, I will not tolerate foul or offensive language.  For those of you who cannot muster sufficient brainpower to express an idea without the use of four letter words, save that precious energy.  Your brain most certainly will need it and I won’t respond to it.

OK, let’s get to it.  Bill Cosby.  While I was going to college, Bill Cosby came to the University of Maryland to do a concert.  It’s been a very long time so I don’t recall the details.  I believe I must have previously seen Bill on TV and had enjoyed his comedy.  So I attended the concert and became a big fan.  I collected all of his albums, which is remarkable if only for the fact that I didn’t have a record player.  I had to beg the use of my sister’s “HiFi (High Fidelity) Stereo Phonograph.”  It sounds so funny to use those terms today, doesn’t it?  Anyway, as I said, I was a fan of his comedy and have remained one over the years.

Cut to today.  The “Cos” is in deep dodo.  A group of women have come forward (some say out of the woodwork) to accuse the Cos of multiple sexual transgressions, mostly illegal, but now beyond the statute of limitations.  On the specifics of the charges I have no comment.  As has been pointed out it has become a “she said, he said” public campaign in which most who are talking don’t know the facts and those who know aren’t talking.  Those issues will wind their way through courts of public opinion and the judicial branch of government in time.  A number have asked, “Why did it take so long for this to come out?”  One poignant comment does strike me as particularly significant.  One of the accusers asked rhetorically in an article, “why did it take 30 years for anyone to believe me?”  For any of you out there afflicted with similar curiousness, don’t worry.  I have the answer.

The Cos committed a sin.  One of the very few acts liberals consider a sin.  The Cos wandered off the plantation of liberal thought and has been speaking heresy.  That is, he has been enunciating conservative thoughts and ideas about families and society.  Had he the sense to “shuffle” back onto the plantation quickly enough, all these accusations would have quickly been forgiven, buried and forgotten.  But the Cos has sinned and must now be punished.

Liberals can get away with just about anything and the liberal media will cover it up or, at least, minimize it.  Teddy Kennedy killed Mary Jo.  Period.  He killed her.  I did not say “murdered.”  Some have.  I have not.  What was his penalty?  His career path was restricted to go no higher than Senator.  His Mommy told him he could not be President.  Remember the late Robert Byrd?  He was Grand Poba or some such idiocy in the KKK.  Neither that nor his occasional use of the “N” word hurt his Senate career.  In fact, the Democrats made him President Pro Tempore of the Senate.  I’m not sure if that’s considered a step up from Grand Poba or a step down, but the media seemed decidedly uninterested in his previous avocation.  Compare and contrast, as they used to instruct in college, Senator Byrd with the treatment received not long ago from the media by Republican Steve Scalise.

And then, of course, there’s Wild Bill.  He was accused by Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and others of actions not unlike Cos’ transgressions.  In addition, he lied under oath, he suborned perjury, he effectively destroyed his accusers (with Hillary as his “point man”), he used his power to take advantage of a young girl, he was charged with high crimes and misdemeanors and he was disbarred.  Today, what a surprise, he is one of the most popular Democrats in the country and has been paid millions of dollars to give a few speeches.   Thanks in large part to the media.  Bill and Hillary also have a charitable foundation.  No more than 15% of the money donated to that charity actually goes to programs or projects that actually help people.  The remaining 85% goes to “operating expenses” and into the pockets of Bill, Hillary, Chelsea and the rest of the foundation staff.  That’s millions and millions of dollars.  The media has talked about the speaking fees Bill and Hillary have collected, but you haven’t heard a peep from them about that 15%.  Not a peep.  I’ll give you my Broadway Joe Namath guarantee that if it were discovered that only 15% of donations to Pat Robertson’s 700 Club went to help people it would be story number one on every ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and PBS news broadcast for a month.  Charlie Rose would give it a whole week of roundtable discussions.  60 Minutes would have a special 120-minute show.

So, Cos, maybe there’s still hope.  If you do the smart thing and shuffle back onto the plantation perhaps all will be forgiven.  With proper repentance all those women making all those charges will become mere bimbo bumps (eruptions) on the road back to stardom while James Carville busily drags twenty-dollar bills through the local trailer parks as Wild Bill’s “wing man.”

3 thoughts on “Bill Cosby and His Future

  1. Sam, Sam, the unremarkable man. This was a great piece and I think right on target. I too became a fan of the Cos. It has been a long long time but I remember it clearly. I came over to your house and you were doing your impersonation of the Cos doing “Noah”. That was the first time I ever heard of Bill Cosby. If the accusations are true, it is very sad.

    As to Ted Kennedy, I have a story. My sister was caring for the former Edgertown States Attorney in the hospital. After a time she got to know him and asked him “what happened at Chappiquidick? He told her that Teddy and MJ were parked and a security guard was looking around. Teddy got out of the car and told her to drive down the road and come back to pick him up in a little while. She never returned and he had no idea what had happened to her. He walked back to the ferry dock and swan across to town. I have been to the site and the main road could at night appear to go straight, but it bore to the right. She drove straight and the bridge was just ahead. The bridge was a narrow one lane bridge with no rails on either side. On a dark night she drove off the bridge. That time Teddy was just sinning and not killing if one believes the story.


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